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“How much is that going to cost to fix?”

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Whether your car’s had a minor scrape or a collision, that’s the first thing you wonder.

Don't waste your time and energy driving around to 3 auto body shops for 3 repair estimates!!

Thanks to Instant Estimator in most cases you can get an immediate answer from the convenience of your computer. The Instant Estimator system assesses and costs your cosmetic auto body and paint damage automatically in an easy-to-use process.

Not only that, Instant Estimator also connects you to authorized auto body repair facilities in your area.

“How much is Instant Estimator going to cost?

Nothing – IT'S FREE!.

With Instant Estimator, you can:

  • Determine if your damage exceeds your deductible
  • Assess all levels of damage, from scratches to collisions
  • Submit online photos of your accident for an even more precise quote
  • Get up to 3 free estimates from auto body shops in your area

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