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Instant Estimator Auto Body Industry Partnerships


Instant Estimator receives thousands of repair leads a month, from customers across the contiguous US.
Profit from our marketing and sales efforts to increase *your* business one customer at a time.
Not only do we offer these qualified leads, our system also ensures consistency in process by setting client expectations as to costs of repair. Our facility profiles, also educate the customer as to your other services and offerings, creating opportunity to increase sales and visibility in your area.

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Unfortunately there are accidents. When they happen, most people are panicked and worried about both their repair costs and potential impact on their premiums.
Give them something less to worry about, and endear them to your company by offering them a simple, easy way to self assess their damamge and empower their claim decisions.
By joining our referral network, your clients get great service, empowering options, and negotiated repair pricing (if necessary). We can't stop accidents happening, but we can allow you to leverage our system to elevate customer satisfaction, increase process efficiencies and lessen your post claim (or post accident) attrition.
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If waiting around for an accurate quote is taking you away from your operations, and paying for the adjuster's time is impacting your bottom line, Instant Estimator can be the time-saving, and money-saving, tool that you need. If and when your car park, valet service or retail establishment receives an accident report, your staff can simply and easily use Instant Estimator to provide an informed decision on whether to file the claim or settle the complaint without any impact on your premiums.
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